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Sailing the Seventh - Mon 17 Nov

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1. 儿化
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4. Barby
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6. MontreAAAARRRL!
7. Scurvy Underdogs
8. Shiver B Timbers
9. Brooklyn Bandits
10. Kathleen Turner Overdrive

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Fortunate Plunderin' Territories

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Sailing 7 Malaysia does it again! Thrice in a row now, and they've positively plundered the entire East Indian Ocean. Woe be to their cross ocean foes in the final three sailings: Labrador, Japan, Netherlands. By far they are now the strongest fleet on the blue seas. Nova Scotia finally guts out a grimy victory up the coast in Labrador. Powerhouse China has yet to lose, nothing flashy from them, but steady as a warship.

Sailing 6 Malaysia cannot be stopped. Two consecutive plunder blowouts bring them six points in the last two sailings, and are now the strongest fleet in the world! Arrrgentina makes their reputations known quite suddenly in the Atlantic after a sputterin' start. England continues with lousy luck, and Nova Scotia has one more chance to find a victory in Arctic waters. Perhaps they be waitin' for warmer waters? But they best be gettin' started to avoid being banished to land forthwith.

Sailing 5 The Hawai'ians be our first fortunate plunderin' territory! They have tremendous luck against the Golden State, who mustered just a pitiful luck of 1 percent. And that be not all! Malaysia plunders Bangladesh, and Sweden plunders Denmark. The winning fleets grow 10 percent in strength, and the losers, well, they be weaker by that same factor. The Bangladeshis already needed help pluggin' their leakin' decks. Many, many points for many cap'ns here.

Sailing 4 Nine territ'ries be extraordinarily fortunate this voyage, many more than average. Even with their excellent showings, Hawai'i could not overcome the Kiwis, and Myanmar falls short in a long distance rivalry with South Africa. Newfoundland, with their luck nearly topping out at 96%, still are beaten by the Swedes. Not many upsets or blowouts, so loot hauls be low this time.

Sailing 3 Fortune be the rule and not the exception on these voyages! Ten territ'ries get comeuppance on stronger foes. But not small Puerto Rico, who gives England their first victory. Bangladesh, the weak one in the Indian Ocean, has surprises in store for all of us it seems. In the Arctic, Sweden and Labrador are the first two territ'ries to have equal amounts of luck in a clash, so it comes down to their strengths, of which the Swedes had buckets.

Sailing 2 Bangladesh takes home what may very well be its only victory. A middling clash over Egypt be their spoils! A pirate's favorite country to say, Arrrrrgentina, is fortunate over, guess who, the English! California and Newfoundland fail to report to the poop deck and harvest sadness. Our first plunder is in the Arctic, Champlain's Quebec makes fine work of Bering's Danes.

Sailing 1 Can England ever be startin' off right? The strongest fleet in the field takes damage to the Libyans. Greece, California, South Africa, and Finland join the choppy waters and come out with victories. Nigeria fails to report for duty. On the opposite end, Bangladesh do literally all their can, but still fall. They will need their opponents to have cursed luck in these campaigns.

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Rules of Engagement

Let It Ride League celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day with the original creation Pirate World Cup! Be the captain of the eight finest fleets on the high seas and earn the glory! YARRRRRGGGGH!

Select two territories each from the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic oceans, for a total of eight.

The winner is the captain with the highest score at the end of ten sailings. Every territory clashes with the other seven territories in their sea, plus one from each of the other three seas. Each territory possesses different strengths and weaknesses. When territories clash, the outcome is based on luck and the following four categories...

Manpower: population, organization, leadership
Firepower: amount, range, strength
Ship Fleet: size, speed, technology
Geography: natural resources, defensibility, chokepoint access

Have a looksee...Netherlands has a historically strong navy, but is not as populous as China. Samoa boasts many fine navigators, but lacks the raw shipbuilding lumber of a place such as Finland. Ye gettin' the picture, ya seaweed sniffer?

Clash Win: 1 point
Fortunate Upset: 1 extra point
Plunder Blowout: 2 extra points + 10% more strength

What be a Fortunate Upset, praytell? When the nautical gods smile upon thee!
If you are the smaller, weaker territory in a clash, the luck o' the ocean sometimes swings in your favor and grants you victory. If you command one of these Fortunate Upsets, you earn an additional point.

What be a Plunder Blowout, praytell? When you utterly demolish your foes!
If you captain a Plunder Blowout with skill (200+ margin of victory) or tremendous luck (90%+ luck for you AND 10% luck or less for your opponent), you earn an additional two points. Your winning territory is also 10% stronger for the duration of the season. The loser of a Plunder Blowout is 10% weaker.

Did you venture forth in last year's Pirate World Cup? Be aware that many territories have changed in their strengths and weaknesses. You may also notice that the worst territory from each region last year has been relegated to land-bound pursuits.

Walk the plank Portugal, Trinidad, Korea, Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia, Alaska, and Norway.

Welcome eight newcomers: Greece, Argentina, Samoa, California, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nova Scotia, Finland.

Entries due Sun 28 Sep 2014.

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Set sail, you urchin-faced dog, with this Pirate World Cup map, complete with fantastical inaccuracies.

Atlantic Ocean

Buccaneer (North)
England - one of the finest fleets on the globe, plenty of able-bodied and well-trained men
Netherlands - modern ships with long range, well-financed small crews
Greece - organized and able navy, stockpile of long range guns, limited ship lumber
Spain - the legendary Armada, Strait of Gibraltar chokepoint

Corsair (South)
Libya - oil reserves, Mediterranean chokepoint
Nigeria - oil reserves, West African cargo traffic hub
Puerto Rico - mighty fine rum, many shipwrecks to plunder, smaller population
Argentina - mastery in close quarters combat, low population density, Strait of Magellan chokepoint

Pacific Ocean

Smuggler (West)
Samoa - tiny population, unequalled intuitive navigators, fine tools of the trade
Japan - numerous and disciplined soldiers, island defense
China - unmatched population, Chinese gunpowder
New Zealand - disciplined but smaller fleet, isolated location, some farmland

Seasider (East)
Hawai'i - world class navigators, island defense
California - strong but tentative sailors, respectable weaponry and resources
Colombia - Panama Canal chokepoint, relatively inexperienced fleet
Chile - Cape Horn chokepoint, ineffective weaponry, organized men

Indian Ocean

Raskol (West)
Egypt - Suez Canal chokepoint, formally trained recruits
India - surplus of men, multiple natural resources
Yemen - Red Sea chokepoint, aging fleet
South Africa - issues with leadership and delegation, Cape of Good Hope chokepoint

Lanun (East)
Myanmar - excellent natural resources and defensibility, mercenaries act of their own accord
Indonesia - huge population density, Malacca Straits chokepoint
Malaysia - frequent pirating of Singapore cash cow, well-armed, multiple island hideouts
Bangladesh - threadbare unity, strong plentiful trees but pitiable fleet

Arctic Ocean

Marauder (West)
Nova Scotia - few men but proud fighters, Gulf of St Lawrence chokepoint
Labrador - small but tough crew, limited natural resources
Newfoundland - expert seadogs, nearly impenetrable rocky shores
Québec - Champlain's legacy of leadership, secondhand French supplies, St Lawrence river trading post

Viking (East)
Iceland - endless geothermal energy, island defense, sparse population
Finland - disciplined forces, strong national unity, limited homegrown supplies
Denmark - historically fine navigators, Baltic Sea chokepoint, fewer troops
Sweden - intelligent and resourceful men, numerous raw materials

What be the loot?

The winning captain shall take home a Pirating Prize Pack! Have nary a doubt that it contains great and rare treasure.

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