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Catirrusso is the Top Cap'n of Pirate World Cup 2013!

Sailing the Tenth

Top Ten Cap'ns

1. Catirrusso
2. Shiver You Timbers
3. PauloEnriqueBr
4. Admiral Dan Overboard
5. Muchacha
6. Forget you, Sweden
7. Catirita
8. drexeldragons10
9. Moreninha

Top Cap'n of the Sailing

Admiral Dan / Catirita

Fortunate Territories

Puerto Rico
New Zealand

Plunderin' Territories


Fortunate Plunderin' Territories

Nary a one!


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Fortunate upsets galore! Second most of any sailing. Territories struggled to remain seaworthy in the subsequent edition of Pirate World Cup. Some (Trinidad, Mexico, Ethiopia, Australia) had no hope however. New Zealand got fierce in taking down Myanmar, and Korea could not catch the Kiwis and will find themselves stuck to the shores next time. No territory had a rougher first go than Ethiopia. Smacked in the early goings with two plunderings, they go out with a whimper thanks to pineapple-sticky Hawai'ian hands. Alaska and Quebec finish tied for last in the West Arctic - they fate will be decided with a simple flip o' the doubloon upon next year's voyages.
Newcomers Netherlands, New Zealand, Chile, Myanmar, Denmark...ye all will be returnin' for PWC 2014! Extra yo-hos to the Danes, the only green territory to lead their watery region.

The nine fortunate upsets could have been enough to let Shiver You Timbers or PauloEnriqueBr gain some traction, but Catirrusso kept afloat to win by the narrowest of margins.

Cheers for Catirrusso, victor of Pirate World Cup 2013!

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Rules of Engagement

Let It Ride League celebrates International Talk Like A Pirate Day with its original creation, Pirate World Cup! Be the captain of the eight finest fleets in the world and earn the glory! YARRRRRGGGGH! There may be seven seas, but here we sail on just four.

Select two territories from each sea, for a total of eight.

The winner is the captain with the highest score at the end of ten sailings. Every territory clashes with the other seven territories in their sea, plus one from each of the other three seas. Each territory possesses different strengths and weaknesses. When territories clash, the outcome is based on luck and the following four categories...

Manpower: population, organization, leadership
Firepower: amount, range, strength
Ship Fleet: size, speed, technology
Geography: natural resources, defensibility, chokepoint access

For example, Spain has a historically strong navy, but is not as populous as China. Hawai'i boasts many fine navigators, but its weapons pale in comparison to Indonesia's, and so on.

Clash Win = 1 point
Fortunate Upset = 1 bonus point
Plunder Blowout = 2 bonus points + 10% more strength

Fortunate Upset: Do the gods smile down on thee? If you are the smaller, weaker territory in a clash, fortune sometimes swings in your favor and grants you victory. If you command one of these Fortunate Upsets, you earn an additional point.

Plunder Blowout: Have you utterly demolished your foes? If you captain a Plunder Blowout with skill (200+ margin of victory) or tremendous luck (90%+ luck for you AND 10% luck or less for your opponent), you earn an additional two points. Your winning territory is also 10% stronger now. The loser of a Plunder Blowout is now 10% weaker.

Did you participate in this pirating venture last year? Be aware that many territories have changed in their strengths and weaknesses. You may also notice that the worst territory from each region last year has been relegated to land-bound pursuits.

Walk the plank France, Florida, Tonga, Pitcairn Island, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nunavut, Scotland.

They are replaced by eight newcomers: Netherlands, Trinidad, New Zealand, Chile, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Québec, Denmark.

Territories that walked the plank in previous years: Brazil, Cuba, Philippines, Fiji, Mozambique, Somalia, Greenland, Russia.

So set sail, you urchin-faced dog, with this Pirate World Cup map, complete with fantastical inaccuracies.

Atlantic Ocean

Buccaneer (North)
England - one of the finest fleets on the globe, plenty of able-bodied and well-trained men
Netherlands - modern ships with long range, well-financed small crews
Portugal - global naval presence, Brazilian resources
Spain - The Armada, Strait of Gibraltar chokepoint

Corsair (South)
Libya - oil reserves, Mediterranean chokepoint
Nigeria - oil reserves, West African cargo traffic hub
Puerto Rico - mighty fine rum, many shipwrecks to plunder, smaller population
Trinidad - access to South American resources, southern Caribbean chokepoint

Pacific Ocean

Smuggler (West)
Korea - cutting edge military technology, fewer natural resources
Japan - numerous and disciplined soldiers, island defense
China - unmatched population, Chinese gunpowder
New Zealand - disciplined but smaller fleet, isolated location, some farmland

Seasider (East)
Hawai'i - world class navigators, island defense
México - leftover conquistador weaponry, trading on two seas
Colombia - Panama Canal chokepoint, relatively inexperienced fleet
Chile - Cape Horn chokepoint, ineffective weaponry, organized men

Indian Ocean

Raskol (West)
Egypt - Suez Canal chokepoint, formally trained recruits
India - surplus of men, multiple natural resources
Yemen - Red Sea chokepoint, aging fleet
Ethiopia - highly motivated men, good resources, rusty ships

Lanun (East)
Myanmar - excellent natural resources and defensibility, leaderless prospects
Indonesia - huge population density, Malacca Straits chokepoint
Malaysia - frequent pirating of Singapore cash cow, well-armed
Australia - high-tech transport, sparsely populated

Arctic Ocean

Marauder (West)
Alaska - numerous oil reserves, icebreaker ships are slow but unstoppable
Labrador - small but tough crew, limited natural resources
Newfoundland - expert seadogs, nearly impenetrable rocky shores
Québec - finest and hardiest men in the New World, secondhand French supplies, St. Lawrence chokepoint

Viking (East)
Iceland - endless geothermal energy, island defense, sparse population
Norway - excellent shipbuilding tradition, aggressive forces
Denmark - historically fine navigators, Baltic Sea chokepoint, fewer troops
Sweden - intelligent and resourceful men, numerous raw materials


The winning captain shall take home some piratey loot provided by the inland sea merchants of Nautical Landing.

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